Posted by: eileenlangsley | October 18, 2012

Ways forward

Ways forward.


“The best inspiration is not to outdo others but to outdo ourselves.”

–      Anon

Please respect the copyright of the images and text in this posting.

The above quote was at the forefront of my mind during a busy summer working at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These must have been the most photographed Games ever with keen photographers amongst the spectators at all the events and a colossal number of photographers accredited to work there officially. Amongst this number were some great sports photographers – of all ages – and it was inspiring to see the work they produced. It is all too easy to allow yourself to become psyched out by this but at least experience has taught me that you need to focus on yourself, challenge yourself and always try to produce images that are better than the last set. My Olympic and Paralympic  efforts can be viewed on my website:-

For the time being I am not posting images here on my blog and have in fact made previous postings ‘private viewing’ only. Sadly the reason for this is that I have had a steady increase in the number of images removed and reused, all without permission and all in spite of the previous postings I have written about issues surrounding copyright infringement and image theft. If I can come up with a secure way of posting my images, I shall review the situation but for the time being the public viewing is turned off.

However I have recently published all these postings from 2009 until 2012 in a new, moderately priced book which is available in printed version or as a cheaper e book. The title is:-

“Where Sport Meets Art – A Collection of Blog Postings between 2009 and 2012 “.

The cover of the book “Where Sport Meets Art – A collection of blog postings between 2009 and 2012”.

The printed version can be viewed – and ordered if so wished – at the following link:-

The e book version is here:-

Just in time for Christmas, I have written and published a children’s story – and with no sport at all!

“The Bears of Baslow – A Christmas Story”

The cover of the book “The Bears of Baslow – A Christmas Story”.

Here is a link for the e book version:-

The publications from earlier this year are still available as printed books and e books:-

“British Gymnastics – The Road to 2012”

The cover of the book “British Gymnastics – The Road to 2012”.

link to e book

and also

“Rhythmic Gymnastics – A Tribute”

The cover of the book “Rhythmic Gymnastics – A Tribute”.

link to e book

I hope that these publications will be of interest to all who love sport and photography as well as those amongst you who might have a weakness for teddy bears – or know someone who does!

© Eileen Langsley 2012


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